Sunday, 29 August 2010


When from the land of toil and woe,
Under God's hand you safely go
When Moses speaks - take heed!
Trusting in something greater than
The sin and wilfulness of man
Follow where Christ shall lead.

You shall not leave the place by stealth
But clearly laden with great wealth
Egyptians give to you;
Young Christian, onward, leave this place
Unburdened, and enriched by grace
For all that will ensue.

Though Egypt's troops are swift and proud
Because your shelter is the cloud
They cannot snatch you back;
The world may claim you as its own
But He through whom God's grace is known
Will guard you from attack.

See Moses lifting up his rod
And, through the providence of God,
The Red Sea's bed is dry!
See, Jesus in His victory
Has made, despite our enemy,
The way by which to fly.

Sing to Jehovah now, since He
Threw horse and rider in the sea
And vanquished all your foes;
Oh praise the Saviour who has wrought
A work to save, though you were caught
By sin's constraining woes.

Sing - He who gave you liberty
Will bring you to His sanctuary
Upon His holy hill;
Sing - He who saved you by His grace
Will bring you to His holy place
According to God's will.

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