Wednesday, 11 March 2009



Tonowi, the "Rich One",
Is the Big Man;
By force of personality,
Force of management,
Pig ownership,
Force of glibness,
He tops the tribe.


Out of this form,
Unique walrus curve,
The carver, absorbed,
Will release the object,
Not for the fruit of action, but
For the action:
Art for artists sake.


Land slashed and burned
He defends, slashing
Those enemies alone
Who seek to seize it:
He does not fire
Broadcast; in this
It is he who is civilised.


Mountain bear,
For the sheep sludges through snow,
Traverses torrents, treks yearly
Two harsh migrations.
From the sheep he gains
Milk, cheese, meat, hides and wool:
And his theme of being.


From his well‑tilled plot
Fruit of the ground comes
For lavish giftings,
Feasts, planned long before.
Fame will enhance his
Family when thus
Finest foodstuffs flow.


He is a sharer:
Out of his affluence,
And lack of greed,
He partakes with his kin
In his prey, their prey,
The women's produce,
Giving and friendship.


Pure in walking
In standing, or sitting,
Delighting in God's law;
Pondering it
He, planted by brooks of water,
Giving seasonal fruit,
Is the man who will prosper.

By way of explanation - the first six are human peoples throughout the world. The last is from Hosea 2: 1 a people "having obtained mercy".

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