Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In grace and power He cast out many demons
Combatting thus immediate powers of evil;
When some confessed the majesty of Jesus
They were rebuked for He would not receive it.
From demon power He gave a dumb man freedom
And men were moved to see that Christ released him;
One blind and dumb was brought to Him for healing
Who quickly found himself clear from uncleanness
While Satan's rigour seen in the man named Legion
In full display was broken by Christ's dealings:
The people wondered to see the wild man seated,
Sensible, clothed and in the power of reason.

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  1. Thanks for visiting..

    I like this piece.. at the name or even the presence of the essence of the name of Jesus Christ, demons will HAVE TO flee...

    Also shows that Just as Jesus has, we have to the power to break free from any bondage of the devil...

    Have a great rest of the week ahead...

    God's pece


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