Saturday, 17 May 2008


Before God’s earliest actions in creation had begun

The One we know as Father loved the One we know as Son.

Before God made our planet as a dwelling for mankind,

The Man who shed His precious blood was in the Father’s mind.

Before man’s course of sin and disobedience had its start

I had a status as a son, within the Father’s heart.


After God’s operations in the realms of time are done

Our God and Father will receive the kingdom from the Son.

After rebellion’s last defeat when everything is blest

God’s tabernacle will be there and all will be at rest.

After He has disposed of worlds affected by sin’s taints

God will have Christ as source of joy - and Christ formed in the saints.


Now God is working on the earth where Christ was crucified

That in the hearts of ransomed saints Christ might be magnified.

Now through the Son and Spirit’s work in testimonial ways

Saints are secured, and formed like Christ, to give the Father praise.

Now saints rejoice to be for Christ where He has been despised

While features of assembly light are being realised.

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