Monday, 24 March 2008


To us whom sin had made uncouth,

Leprous, and dumb, and deaf, and blind,

Whom Satan could bewitch,

A man has come in grace and truth

To spread His blessing to mankind:

Through Him we are made rich.

He walked in constant consciousness

That if He was to make us free,

Atone, redeem, and save

He must endure man’s callousness,

Face God’s full wrath upon the tree,

And lie within the grave.

Risen He showed unchanging grace,

With shepherding and tender care

For those who were His own:

And God has given Him a place

At His right hand, where He will share

The glories of the throne.

The Holy Spirit, Paraclete,

Absorbs us with the heavenly Man

And things that are above;

Until His workings are complete

As linked with heavenly realms He can

Bring tokens of Christ’s love.

Praise God who helps us to behold

The moral glories of the Lord

To make the bitter sweet!

Praise God who forms the city’s gold

And draws our hearts with one accord

Till all things are complete!

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