Monday, 31 March 2008


I love to hear of Jesus

Because He set me free,

And dying at Golgotha

He gave Himself for me;

Because when I was sinful

He suffered in my stead;

And since, in grace and mercy,

His precious blood was shed.

I love to think of Jesus

The Man who holds my heart

Because of all the blessings

It pleased Him to impart:

He gave me free forgiveness,

He gave me love and grace,

He gave his Holy Spirit

And gives me His embrace.

I love to speak of Jesus

With those who love Him well,

To trace His many glories

Who is Emmanuel,

The Son of God, the Firstborn,

Our Shepherd and our Friend,

The First, the Last, the Living,

Our Peace, our Life, our End.

I love to sing of Jesus

The Man upon God's throne

Whilst waiting for His coming

To rapture all His own

To share with Him the glory

That time can never dim:

Eternally delighted,

Eternally with Him!

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