Saturday, 15 March 2008


Praise the One who is Creator,

Heaven's and earth's Originator

Yet come near as Mediator

Between God and man.

Praise the Christ who as a stranger

Once was cradled in a manger,

Come in flesh to be the changer

Of the course of time.

Praise the Man who here was sowing

Seed from which good seed is growing

In abundance overflowing

To the Father's joy

Praise the Shepherd who has sought us:

With His precious blood He bought us,

With His tender arms he brought us

Back into His fold.

Praise the Victor who invaded

Realms where Satan's might pervaded;

Now no power we are persuaded

Separates from Him.

Praise the Man who God perfected

For the work which He effected -

Now He leads the Sons selected

To a glorious sphere.

Praise the Firstborn of creation

End of all man's perturbation

Bringing reconciliation

As the Prince of Peace.

"Perturbation" not only has the sense "the state of being perturbed" but, metaphorically, "a deviation in the course of a celestial body".

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