Sunday, 13 January 2008


After the death of Joseph, God’s dreamer,

Egypt haltered Israel,

Bowed under brick.

What did they need? God knew well

And, sovereignly philanthropic,

Came as Redeemer.

Shot of the Egyptian, their horse-dealer,

Fed by the Passover lamb,

Led through the Red Sea,

With tambours psalming their psalm:

Yet God perceived their need that He

Should be their Healer.

In the desert, watered by Moses’ rod,

Daily fed by manna, yet

Flesh-bridled to err,

Meandering with regret

They found God willing to be their

Tabernacle God.

Come to the land of honey, milk, cedar,

Store-corn, water-brooks, brave towns

And walled enemies:

As they wreaked justice on crowns,

Sword or wall in their victories

God was their Leader.

Such-loving-kindness! What an investor

Of love! What adaptation

To His people’s need!

Till, glad in His salvation,

In the house to which His plans lead

God is a Rester.

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