Saturday, 6 April 2019


We see the love displayed by Christ,
With reverence observing
The One who came to be with us
To spend His time in serving.

His grace has served our fevered state
To bring in regulation;
His love has served to cleanse our feet
To give us liberation.

How blessed is the way He serves
The saints His love was seeking
And clears the way into His thoughts
By His prophetic speaking.

A prophet's character was seen
In such a man as Moses;
But all is superseded by
What Jesus Christ discloses.

The Man who walked a priestly path
To help us in our weakness
With a new priestly order sits
In glory and uniqueness.

Throughout our times of doubt and tests
His priestly grace sustains us;
While in response to God, in love,
His priestly love maintains us.

A King shall reign in righteousness
As He whom God appointed,
Whose character of royalty
Is fit to be anointed.

Yet having served as Prophet, Priest,
And Sovereign, in perfection
Eternally the Son shall show
The glory of subjection.


  1. Amen!
    The Son of Righteousness, so Glorious,
    with Healing in His Wings!
    To Him who Was and Is and Is to come,
    To HIM we forever sing!

  2. I love your poem about the titles of Christ. Thank you so much (also for your respond on my last blogpost).

    Sharing this link, but I think you know this "sermon" already:

  3. This verse was really good. You can't say it much better than what you have. Thank You, my friend.

    1. This follows from and was written during two happy days considering these glories of Christ.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for a beautiful post to the glory of our Lord!

  6. Amen, lovely words of truth, particularly the last verse regarding subjection.


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