Thursday, 25 April 2019


"Dwell in the land and feed on faithfulness"
In Christ whose steps in patient grace display
That evenness of spirit in each day
Which only His obedience could express.
And feed on Him who, if He came to bless
Must bear the burden of our sins away,
And is again, if we should go astray,
Our source of peace and grace as we confess.

Together let us feast upon the Lord,
Whose fullest savour is for God alone,
Whose strength and love form strength and love in us;

Consider too God's pleasure is toward
His saints whose love for Him makes them "well known",
Formed into one, and also glorious.


Written during a weekend considering the food of the priests: the oblation, the sin-offering, their own parts of the peace-offering, and the shewbread.


  1. Very nice. I also hope that you have a fantastic summer, whatever is happening for you.


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