Wednesday, 14 February 2018


When Moses asked that Hobab should be eyes
To Israel in the paths they were to trace
Across the waste, God caused the Ark to rise
And guide His people to their resting place.
For three days' journey it was in the lead
And over them there was the cloud by day
That God might answer to the people's need
Whilst teaching them to follow in His way.
Still in the testimony Christ exerts
His right to lead His people into rest;
If we seek other pathways He asserts,
And shows us, that His way is always best.
Lord, give me help that I may not enmesh
My feet by following in the ways of flesh.

Friday, 9 February 2018


Although because of sin and man's reproach
It dwelt within a place where all was dark
Which once a year the High Priest might approach
God had a system centred on the Ark.
All furnishings took bearing from its site;
All Israel arrange itself around.
Boards measured from and like it would unite
To frame the Tent amid the barren ground.

And now God's system has Christ as its centre
While all who are for Him derive from Him;
Now through the grace of God we freely enter
A place which, by His light, cannot be dim.

So by God's grace unitedly we stand
Surrounding Him while still on desert sand.

Saturday, 3 February 2018


Within the Ark the tables of the law
Which God had written on by His own hand
Were cared for ‑  in the Ark Jehovah saw
His testimony carried to the land.
There was the manna in the golden pot
And Aaron's rod which budded ‑  evidence
Of what was suited to Jehovah's thought
And of the good it pleased Him to dispense.

And thus God's law was treasured in Christ's heart
As all His will was perfectly expressed;
While blessings God in Christ chose to impart
Delight Himself and those whom He has blessed.

Oh blessed Spirit, help my soul rejoice
In what in Christ makes Him the Father's choice!