Saturday, 17 January 2015


As in the wilderness at first

The people murmur about thirst

With blasphemous complaints.

For life you must not only think

Of blessings, but must daily drink

What God provides His saints.

Israel's blessing would ensue

From God when Moses speaks unto

The rock before their eyes;

Speak to the One following the flock

And you have water from the Rock

In bountiful supplies.

Dishonouring Jehovah's name

Moses was tinged with lasting blame

And failed to reach the land;

Jesus alone is fit to lead

As true to God in every deed,

As Christians understand.

Then the impatient people said

That their souls hated the "light bread"

Jehovah's goodness gave.

We find our hearts can be enticed

Through flesh to disregard the Christ

Who gave Himself to save.

But what the pains they underwent

From fiery serpents which God sent!

And many people died.

For still there operates within

The working of the power of sin

Which must be mortified.

Moses is told by God to make,

And set upon a pole, a snake

And all who look will live;

Faith apprehends that it is in

His Son that God condemns our sin

Which He cannot forgive.

Now are effectual journeying days

For those who've held within their gaze

The serpent on the pole;

As Christ is fixed before your sight,

Christian, you travel towards the light,

Since He has made you whole.

Travelling by ways He has prepared

They gather, for God had declared

He'll water them at Beer;

We move with God, obediently;

We assemble to Him, faithfully;

He gives refreshment here.

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  1. What a blessing to read- God does refresh!
    God bless~ Lisa :O)


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