Wednesday, 8 January 2014


When we were lost since we had strayed like sheep
The Shepherd searched, because His heart was moved
By our deep need, and through the depths He proved
God's love is wide and high and long and deep.

Though we were aliens and did not belong
To Israel, God sent His only Son,
Who showed us, through the work that He has done
God's love is deep and wide and high and long.

The Saviour who came down to earth to die
Now lives above, and blessing overflows
From Him as on the Father's throne, which shows
God's love is long and deep and wide and high.

The Father's heart seeks sons who will abide
With Him eternally, whose hearts will know
His nearness of relationship to show
God's love is high and wide and deep and long.

Following up Patrina's thought.



  1. David,
    How cool is that!
    Did you just write that?
    Or did my comment and series
    remind you of this poem?
    I love it!
    I'll tag this post and your last post
    on 2 of my posts......
    now I know what you meant
    when you said 'many thanks' :)

    Thank YOU!
    This made me Smile...
    a connection across continents!
    O how WIDE and High..and LONG and Deep
    is God's LOVE for you and me!
    I was reminded today of the old
    children's song that no one sings any more...
    'Deep and Wide....there's a
    fountain flowing deep and wide"
    Since I started my series 7 days ago...
    I have had many occasion to witness
    the vastness of His LOVE.
    He is my Shepherd...
    I have everything I need!

    blessings to you, brother!
    patrina <")>><

    1. Thanks again - your title made me think a bit about this - and my verse is a result. To God be the glory!
      We used to sing (with actions),
      "Wide, wide as the ocean ..."
      with the children as they had their bath!

  2. Totally awesome!
    God speaks in wondrous ways!
    We only have to listen :)


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