Saturday, 2 November 2013


Firstly, a woman,
In whom that which was begotten in her
As power of the Highest overshadowed her
Was of the Spirit of God.

Then an ambience of receptors,
Like pistils for pollen,
Prepared for Him in the temple
By the Holy Spirit of God.

About thirty years progressed
Till the substance of divine approval
Anointing a praying Man
Was the Holy Spirit.

An active life followed
Each word, step or touch
Blessing to men
By the Spirit of God.

Qualified for glory, qualified
For rule - He was qualified
To offer Himself to God
By the eternal Spirit.

Risen, elevated, honoured,
At the Father’s right
He acted as Minister of grace
Giving His Holy Spirit.

He has His church now
Integrated and vital,
Welled by the love of God,
Through the One Spirit.

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