Sunday, 21 July 2013


He whose mercy would not shun
Us who were by sin undone
But who gave His only Son
Is the One we know as Father!

He whose love would bring us up
To His house that we might sup
Gave His Son the bitter cup
That we might be near the Father!

He who did not spare His Own
That God's mercy might be known
Seated Him upon the throne
That belongs to God the Father!

He who strengthens us with might
To make present to faith's sight
Breadth and length and depths and height
Is the Spirit of the Father!

At the end of all God's ways
And these changing years and days
Christ will yield, to God's own praise,
Rule to Him who is the Father!


  1. I just found you blog and your poems are a blessing. Continue writing religious poetry. I'm sure it's an encouragement to many people.


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