Saturday, 16 June 2012



Galatians 6:10

In a world of mist and quagmire
See them, eyese to the light,
Stood upon the Rock:
"The household of faith".

1 Peter 3:17, 5: 9

And as you see them
Surrounded by the world's fangs,
Accomplishing sufferings,
"Love the brotherhood".

1 Peter 2: 10

Though once the world claimed
Them its; or Satan his;
Or they even claimed they were their own:
"Now God's people".

This is homework!  A brother recently concluded a word by mentioning the many ways in which God's people are referred to in the Scriptures, and suggestion we think about them..  This is the first of a few batches that I will post, God willing.  I have some repetitions, in different contexts.

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