Thursday, 6 January 2011

1,000th Post; Time for a song.

Since my posts are mainly copying and pasting the verse written in the last forty years it's easier for me to post than for others.  But still, 1,000 posts deserves something a bit special - so I've decided to sing you a song.  Not that I'm any great singer - I'm looking forward to that in my body of glory!  But I like the psalms that says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord".  Although some of you may say it's not even that.

Thank you for your visits and your support.  

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits!


  1. dear david...for some reason i clicked on to your blog and just to think what a blessing it has been.!
    i listened to you singing and was so touched by the words...i am at mom goldens' and so i played it for her and she really loved it!
    did you write the words to this song?.. and the tune is one that continues to play in my heart, and i truly need this at the time because it has been a very difficult two or three weeks with caring for mom and dad golden.
    i really believe that dad golden is being brought lower and lower and it might be that any time now he will accept the lord and how happy he would be if he could sing along with you this beautiful hymn!
    thank you david c brown, my beloved brother in the lord....from terry

    congratulations on your 1000th post..what a hit it has been!

  2. Amen David. That was a good song sung well.

    Congratulations for your blog anniversary. This blog is drawing people to behold the face of Christ.


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