Saturday, 22 August 2009


We know He has done wondrously
And has acquired the right to rule
In righteousness and equity ‑
We know that He is Wonderful.

He gives us wisdom from above
And all the help we ask Him for
Because of His abundant love
Through which He is our Counsellor.

All things He made in mighty power ‑
From craggy peak to grassy clod,
From lofty tree to tiny flower:
We bow to Him as Mighty God.

Millennially His fatherhood
Will warm earth tenderly to assuage
Sin's legacy, and bring in good
As He is Father of the Age.

He makes sin's turmoil in the soul
Of every one who trusts Him cease,
And all the nations, as made whole,
Will own Him soon as Prince of Peace.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful words of praise in this poem. Thank you for the comment. I will be searching high and low for Gods hidden wisdom, in all things. He is my Treasure!

  2. This is our mighty God.
    Thank you David


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