Sunday, 10 May 2009


We praise Thee, glorious Lord, when we behold
Thy victory
Since Thy sublime accomplishments unfold
Thy splendid way
To open all God's wonders, and impart
Thy love and blessedness to every heart.

We honour Thee, our Lord, because we know
As born anew
The glorious worthiness which Thou dost show
To fill our view
In Thee all excellences are secure ‑
True, amiable, noble, just and pure.

We worship Thee, in blessed consciousness
That Thou art God
Although in sorrow, pain and humbleness
Thy path was trod;
Thou, by Thy word, didst uphold in Thy power
The whole creation in Thy weakest hour.

We love Thee, Jesus, Lord, since we are brought
By Thee alone
As purposed for us in the Father's thought
To be Thine own
Having a dignity which God equips
To share with Thee in love's relationships.

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