Sunday, 24 May 2009


Luke also writes about the many daughters
And only in his word are some recorded.
Elizabeth whose lineage was Aaronic
Or aged Anna who was sublimely godly.
Against this background others were soon responding:
In power of faith relieved of her disorder
One testified when her Redeemer called her;
One was released whom Satan had contorted;
While several bowed with the greatest sorrow
Heard the Lord's word as He approached the horror ‑
He gave them sympathy despite the ordeal
That shortly on the cross He would bear for them.

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  1. Erstwhile prodigal - I can't work out how to post on your blog - but the point for us all as seekers is to have Christ first in our view. He is the only Saviour for us all the way. "Who shall deliver me? ... Jesus Christ our Lord." Then we can ask for the Holy Spirit for help every day.


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