Saturday, 31 May 2008


O Lord, Thy love’s unbounded,

So sweet, so full, so free;

My spirit does Thee homage

Since love has reached to me.

I see in all Thy pathway

As here to heal and bless,

In glorious demonstration

Thy love for righteousness.

And heaven was delighted

As God the Father saw

One who, in spirit, uttered

Oh, how I love Thy law!”

I see in every footstep,

As moving to fulfil

All that must be accomplished,

Love for Thy Father’s will.

How Thou didst love His purpose -

Willingly Thou didst go

Till all thing should be finished

Through toil and pain and woe.

For Thou didst love Thy Father

And daily didst rejoice

As wakening each morning

To hear the Father’s voice.

And Thou didst love the brethren

Thy Father gave to Thee -

We hear Thee pray concerning

Those Thou hast given Me...”

Thy love for Thine assembly,

Thy helpmate and Thy wife,

Led Thee to give up all things,

Even Thy precious life.

For where was love more vivid

Than on Golgotha’s tree?

Love that was undiminished,

Love that has made me free.

Love that will last for ever,

Love that surrounds me now,

Love of a Man in glory,

Love that has made me bow.

The first two lines are borrowed from J N Darby's hymn - I simply wanted to develop the theme in a different way..

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