Tuesday, 13 May 2008


In the subversion of man,

Satan and death;

In the promotion of another

Manhood, Lord,

We see wisdom.

In the assembly,

An administration of blessing,

Where Thou hast a dwelling

We see

The house that Thou hast built.

The food of Thy table!

What variety we have in Thee:

An oblation, a passover,


Fresh ears, baked loaves -

All to our taste.

Persons of another marque

From worldlings, in dignity,

Act as children of wisdom


The deportment of Thy servants.

We can appreciate

As the angels can

The all-various wisdom of God

In the order of service of Thy servants

Which the Chief Musician ordered.

In their needs - Christ

For coats of skin;

In their testimony - Christ

For armour;

In their privileges - Christ,

The Best Robe:

What apparel for Thy servants!

Men who have had

A vine before them,

Who have admired its growth,

Relished the lush grapes,

Their wine for God,

Are Thy cupbearers.

But what an acme

Of grandeur, a zenith

Of accomplishment, what

An ascent:

Lord, Thou art He who leads

Many sons to glory!

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