Saturday, 5 April 2008


Alleluia to the Saviour!

Bless the glorious Name of Jesus;

Come before His throne with gladness,

Do Him homage for His greatness.

Everlasting praise will echo

For the Firstborn of creation,

God's anointed Priest and Prophet,

Heaven's Centre of affection,

Israel's Monarch and Messiah,

Judah's Prince and Sprout of Glory,

King of kings and Prince of princes,

Lord of lords and Head of all things!

Men of every tribe and nation,

Nurtured in that splendid kingdom

Open wide their mouths in anthems

Praising Jesus their Redeemer.

Queenlike His beloved assembly

Raptured by her Bridegroom's beauty

Sits upon His throne beside Him.

Thousands upon thousands bring Him

Universal acclamation;

Victory is accorded to Him,

Worshippers are bowed before Him,

Xenia presented to Him:

Young and old in happy chorus

Zealously sing - Alleluia!

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