Tuesday, 4 March 2008


This is One to whom personally

Servitude to time could not apply -

One who inhabits eternity. Yet

His love constrained Him to this thirlage.

He took part in our habitat,

Days. He slept in them, woke in them,

In them moved, ate, carpentered.

Daily He absorbed the Father’s voicing.

One day the word directed Him towards

Jordan; one day to the wilderness.

Each of the days of the Son of Man

Was distinguished, although He is the Same.

And there were nights too – healing

Or praying. Until there came the night

When He was delivered up. And the day

When over His suffering daylight was withheld.

Time knows no day like that day -

Denial at cockcrow, injustice early,

Scourging, nailing, hanging, suffering:

And the secret sorrow the sun did not lighten.

Energy charged the resurrection day -

The Risen One gave to Mary

Revelation, to Simon restoration,

To two wanderers a Shepherd’s care.

From the day when He was received up in glory

We wait in the patience of the Christ until

His vindication: when the world takes moral direction

From that Sun in the day of Jesus Christ.

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